Module 0: Orientiation

Welcome to Integrate Wellbeing Institute Certified Coach Program!

Loss is a natural part of Life. Grief is a universal consequence of Loss. At this moment in time we are Grieving our Lost Life due to Covid-19.

Grief is an Emotional Process that our society attempts to Intellectualize. Grief is an Emotional Rollercoaster, not a Linear Intellectual Journey. You are not broken by Grief. You are Broke Open to listen to Navigate the Ocean of Emotion. You are broken open like a seed to grow.

Grief is a Gateway to Growth.

To learn to listen to your Body that tells the Truth.
The Body’s Language is Metaphor.
The Body is the Sanctuary of the Soul.

Grief is an Inside Job. It is Grueling, Overwhelming, Never Ending & Scary.

Both the Grieving and the Companion often feel “things will never be better.”


Course Overview

Module 0: Orientation
Module 1: Emotional Identification Process
Module 2: Grief Brings up the Deepest Parts of Ourselves Longing to be Healed
Module 3: Grief is a Universal Consequences of Significant Loss
Module 4: Grief is an Inside Job
Module 5: Emotional Embrace
Module 6: Navigating your own Ocean of Emotion
Module 7: The Rollercoaster of Grief
Module 8: Non-Habitual Emotional Response
Module 9: Create a New Story
Module 10: What is Integrated Wellbeing?
Module 11: Returning to Life – Embracing a New Way of Being in the World

Based on the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® You will learn to :

  • Be Present to yourself and your client regardless of the story you are hearing
  • Caring for Yourself with the Fine Art of Shuttling
  • Companion the Grieving with a New Level of Empathy


The Proprietary Tools to Shift Grief will be taught throughout the course:

  • ACCE – Awareness, Connection, Curiosity, Expansion
  • SGR – Somatic Grief Release
  • The Five R’s – Recognize, Relate, Release, Renew, Re-align as  Wellbeing
  • The Four R’s – Rest Your Body, Relax Your Mind, Renew Your Energy, Re-Align with Your Integrated Wellbeing