Now What? Blindsided by Grief
Navigating the Ocean of Emotion
Accessing Wellbeing Within
Bonus Content

Bonus 1 Tools

Bonus One Tools

How am I embracing my new story and my new way of being in the world?

Create an action plan of daily renewal to embrace a new way of being in the world.

Write the question- How I am to Be in the World? – with dominant hand

Then answer with non dominant hand 5 times.


Select the Ego Statements (Edging GOOD Out)

What is the EGO – That part of yourself that is designed to keep you safe.

Based in fear, shame, guilt, and rage, it keeps you small, constricted and in resistance.

  1. My heart will always have this wound so I will never be happy again.
  2. My grief and mourning should be focused on my departed. Self-care is selfish.
  3. I must do grief alone because no one can possibly understand the pain I am going through.
  4. I will never be happy again.
  5. I would never see a grief therapist/guide. It would do no good.
  6. My departed is gone. If I stop longing for them, I may forget him/her.
  7. If I move forward, that is dishonoring my departed.
  8. Loss is a natural part of life. Grief is a universal consequence of loss.
  9. I am not broken. I am broken open, like a seed, to feel emotions, heal through the guidance of the body and discover Integrated Wellbeing.
  10. Grief is a gateway to growth.

My New Story

Now with the awareness of the principles, tools, and innate qualities of your soul, please write your new story to answer the question “Who Am I Now?”. Remember to include your answer to “What would I like to have happen in my life now?”