Now What? Blindsided by Grief
Navigating the Ocean of Emotion
Accessing Wellbeing Within
Bonus Content

Bonus 2 Tools

Bonus Two Tools

The Choice Is Yours

As with most learning- a quiz can help us review what we have learned.  There is no score! 

Fill in the blank.

  1. Awareness is the first key to ___________.
  2. _________ happens only in the present moment.
  3. The mind lies and is mean. The _______ tells the Truth.
  4. Grief lives in the body. Grief has shown up in my body as_____________________.
  5. My brain is working differently since we began this program by __________________.

True or False

  1. Each person has within them the wisdom to recover & rebuild after loss –Golden Buddha
  2. We do not even recognize that some losses in the 6 Deadly D’s result in Grief.
  3. Letting Go of the Getting Here brings us into the past.
  4. Letting Go of the Getting Here is something you must do exactly the same each time.
  5. Remembering Grief Brings up the Deepest Parts of ourselves longing to be healed can be a supportive tool of Awareness.
  6. Emotions have messages for us.
  7. Dark Emotions live in the parking garage of the Emotional Elevator.
  8. The Somatic Grief Release is a way to recognize, relate to and release our Grief.
  9. Cleansing Breath is intended to take us back to the past grief event.
  10. Protection, Connection and Re-Direction are never to be used at the same time.
  11. ACCE = Awful, Chaotic, Confused, Exhausting.
  12. Navigating the Ocean of Emotion is impossible.
  13. By accessing The River Within nothing but more pain is revealed.
  14. The Fear to Freedom mantra is something silly.