Now What? Blindsided by Grief
Navigating the Ocean of Emotion
Accessing Wellbeing Within
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Lesson 1 Principles

Lesson One

Promise for this lesson:

  • To be able to identify facets of grief.

  • To understand that each facet requires attention.

Somatic Grief Relief® Principle:

To Allow the freedom to fully feel.

New Paradigm of Grief©:

We are not broken by loss. We are broken open like a seed, to grow in self-awareness and new connections.

Four R’s©:

  • Rest your body

  • Relax your mind

  • Relate to your emotions

  • Realign to your Wellbeing within

Stress/Grief Management Tools

  1. Gentle Exercise: Yoga, walking, Tai Chi

  2. Strenuous Exercise: Boxing, running, weight training

  3. Mindfulness: Breathing

  4. Mindfulness: Meditation

  5. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water (your weight divided by two – converted from pounds to ounces).

  6. Sleeping 7-8 hours each night. Ideally, 10:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m.

  7. Eating right for your blood type to reduce inflammation.

  8. Grieving each day.

  9. Seeing beauty in nature and speaking gratitude as you’re outside.

  10. Taking Vitamin D and “sunshine baths” each day.

  11. Before bedtime, write 5 things you are grateful for about your day.

Golden Buddha

Have you ever heard or experienced something so true that you still remember where you were, the light in that place and other minute details?

The first time I heard the story of the Golden Buddha it felt like a lightning bolt of Truth moved through my body. I remember it was a sunny Sunday morning. I was listening to Eve Hogan, a gifted teacher from the island of Maui.

My Wellbeing within aka True Being, Higher Self, recognized the Truth of this story. It was another reminder of how my ego’s beliefs about grief were dimming my light.

The Story Goes Like This

In 1757, Thai monks were warned that Burmese invaders would soon be swooping through Thailand. These monks were stewards of a nearly ten-foot-tall, 5.5-ton Buddha made of gold. To prevent the soldiers from looting and then destroying the Buddha, the monks covered it with stucco and pieces of colored glass. It was transformed into a simple statue. The monks were killed and the true identity of the Buddha died with them.

The Buddha was moved in 1935 and placed under a simple tin roof. Its true identity was lost for nearly 200 years.

A new temple was built in 1954 to house the Buddha. Finally, in 1955, plans were made to move it from its pedestal. In the process, the ropes broke, and as the statue landed hard onto the ground, it cracked. The gold beneath the hardened clay became visible.

When the plaster was finally removed revealing the Golden Buddha, it became evident that there were actually nine parts that fit together. A key was found in the base.

On February 14, 2010, a large new building was inaugurated at Wat Traimat temple to house the Golden Buddha.

Each of us is like the Golden Buddha. Born as bright, precious golden creations, traumas, cultural beliefs, family stories and experiences cover our light with plaster. The ego’s colored glass is a further attempt at ‘edging good out,’ the truth that we are each born worthy.

We are not broken by this loss. We are broken open, like a seed, to grow in self-awareness©. As we become conscious of new connections, the chunks of plaster, the false beliefs and old patterns fall away with awareness.

Grief is an inside job. Awareness is the first key to change. Change happens only in the present moment.

Your body is the guide to move beyond grief. Your body knows the way. The mind lies. It is mean. It loops around and around criticizing every facet of our life. The body tells the Truth. When we learn to recognize and relate to its messages, we move beyond our grief.