Now What? Blindsided by Grief
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Accessing Wellbeing Within
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Lesson 1 Tools

Lesson One Tools

Letting Go of the Getting Here

I invite you to settle back in your chair, to close your eyes or cast them down, to put both feet on the floor, and in this moment take your attention to your feet. Do you feel them contacting the floor? Wiggle your toes, in your shoes, or your bare feet. Press your right heel down into the floor until you feel that connection. Then, gently bring your right foot flat once again. Now take your attention to your left foot. Can you feel your entire foot contacting the floor? If not, dig, push, force – whatever word works for you – the left heel into the floor until you feel you are making contact. When that happens, bring your foot level once again.

Feel your feet supported by the floor and ground beneath them.

Now bring your awareness up from the balls of your feet, the back of your ankles, back of your calves and back of your thighs, to rest in your hips. Simply notice how your bum is contacting the seat of the chair. Notice and rest there. Wiggle around if you can’t feel anything and then come back to this place of connection. Is there a temperature? A Sensation? You can’t get this wrong…

Now bring your awareness up your back and feel the support of the chair. Bring that awareness up the back of your head, over the top of your head, to rest on your forehead. Feel Your Center. From this place of Center, rest.

EXHALE on the count of 3. 1,2,3. Now… Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. This time, as you breathe in through your nose, notice the temperature of the air. Breathing out through your nose, notice the temperature of the air. Do that two more times.

Simply notice. Has your busy mind stilled? How is your body feeling in this moment? You can’t get this wrong.

So now, I invite you to come back into the room, present and centered. Feel your feet on the floor, feel the center of your body and notice how you are feeling. We call this ‘Letting Go of the Getting Here’ and we will do it at the beginning of each session because grief is grueling and so often, we feel we are not even in our bodies.

The intention of this entire program by the Integrated Wellbeing Institute is to allow you to learn tools and experience mind-body processes that result in you moving through raw and fragile grief to rest in gentle grief. To experience Wellbeing within that inner wellbeing that is the true source of who you are.