Now What? Blindsided by Grief
Navigating the Ocean of Emotion
Accessing Wellbeing Within
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Lesson 2 Tools

Lesson Two Tools

Somatic Grief Relief©

Work through the 10 steps below.

  1. As you take your awareness to that left shoulder, I’m going to ask you to rub your hands together and really feel the heat of your hands. Ilana always had us do this.
  2. Now float your right hand up to rest on your left shoulder. Does that feel comfortable for you? Just notice now, are you gripping your shoulder or is your hand just resting there? Is the pain on the top or is it back here on the scapula towards the back? That’s hard to reach, so let’s have you float your hand down with the intention that we’re both there — our attention is there. (I am going to bring my hands energetically to the front and the back of your shoulder.)
  3. As you notice the tension of that left shoulder of yours, is there an image of color or sound that’s coming up for you? (She replies red.)
  4. Is it red like fire? Tell me more about the red. Is there a texture to it, this heart color red?
  5. As you’re with it, do you notice a temperature in this tight, hard shoulder of yours?
  6. Let’s just be with that hard stone neutral temperature in the back, that’s sending all this energy and pain out your heart in the front.
  7. If this ache and pain had a voice, what would it say? (I can’t take it anymore. This is so painful. I can’t take it anymore.)
  8. I invite you to let those tears come. Have you been crying these last few days? I’m right here, I’m companioning you. You’re in the safety of your home. Would Jeff be okay with sounds, at least moaning? Whatever the tears, whatever the sound.
  9. What’s happening with the pain? I invite you to bring your hand there and bring it out and turn it over as if you’re dumping out the pain. As often as you want to do that. Dump that pain out. Bring it out.
  10. What about the pain in your shoulder and your back? What would you like to have happen?