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Navigating the Ocean of Emotion
Accessing Wellbeing Within
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Lesson 6 Tools

Lesson Six Tools

Navigating the River Within to the Ocean of Infinity

When doing with an individual client, intend for them to answer aloud.

(Repeat their answers at a slow, reflective pace – as demonstrated on video)
    1. Put your feet on the floor and settle into your seat.
    2. On the count of three… 1, 2, 3, exhale loudly.
      Now breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. 
      Continue for three more breaths.
    3. Can you feel the floor beneath your feet?
    4. Take your attention to your upper body. 
    5. Notice a river within our body, a flow, a sense of energy.
    6. Is this movement horizontal across your shoulders? Your chest?
    7. Is this movement vertical, moving up and down? Tell me when you have a sense. (If they say there is nothing, ask how you would LIKE to have this flow within.) You can’t get this wrong. Breathe.
    8. Now notice the water. What is the color? The rate of flow? The size? How wide is your river?
    9. Is there anything in the water? (Rocks, logs, debris, a boat)
    10. Now look up at the sky. What do you see? the color, etc.
    11. Now look across at the bank on the far side. What do you see? (Prompt with questions to deepen)
    12. Where are you in this picture right now?
    13. What is the other bank/side of the river like?
    14. Now with Awareness, Connection, & Curiosity, let’s expand this picture to follow the flow of the river to the Ocean of Infinity
    15. What do you see in the distance? 
    16. At this point they may not want to go to the ocean, so take them around a curve to discover what is there, or if the flow continues to the ocean, have them describe and experience step-by-step what is happening. How they are feeling?
    17. Bring the journey to a conclusion and then have them open their eyes and tell/draw/write their experience, insights

Navigating Your Own Ocean of Emotion

Creating an Essential Elements of Health Bar Graph

    1. Draw a LARGE L-shape 
    2. Now increase the length of the bottom line across the page
    3. Write 0%, 25%, 50%, 100% equally spaced up the line on the left.
    4. Write each of the 5 Essential Elements of Health you selected in Module 3 and the R you chose for your intention in Module 5 along the lower line.
    5. Draw a thin rectangle/bar above each element to the height of the percentage that you implemented it. You can’t get this wrong when you listen to your body with curiosity.
    6. Color this bar in.
    7. Now if you asked someone to be your support to implement this, draw another bar
    8. To illustrate the percentage that you ASKED for their help.
    9. Color this bar in.